March 17, 2019

MARCH 17, 2019



6:00 In March Ms. Martha will be teaching on “God’s Remnant”

Music practice


The Alliance – Reformers and Pioneers meeting Saturday March 30 12:00 with

Jim & Connie Childs  Sunday, March 31  Pastors Jim and Connie Childs and Pastors Clifton and Geri Coulter will all be in the house.  Don’t miss it.

As your Pastor I want to encourage you to make plans to attend this meeting.  If you are not sure what your place is in the body come and be part of this meeting. This will a great time of encouragement.  Others who are already are part of the Alliance in different regions will coming to be part of this meeting. We are stronger together.   Pastor Shirley

New Life will be serving lunch.  There is a sign up sheet on the back table for food items to be donated.      

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